Digital defense

The new security situation that has emerged with the war in Ukraine sheds an entirely new light on the role of Danish research in the development of our defense. In the Digital Defense track, we focus on the role of research, how existing research can and should be utilized for defense purposes through Dual Use, and what the collaboration between research, private companies, and the Danish defense should look like now and in the future. You can also learn about the latest trends in cyber defense, the integration of AI in defense and weapon technology, and how critical infrastructure can be monitored and defended against hostile attacks.

Smart Production

Step into the future of manufacturing with a series of presentations on smart manufacturing. Gain insights into the latest advancements in digital twins and understand the impact of AI on robot development. Be fascinated by the latest trends in Large Structure Production, including the development of the world's largest 3D printer on Danish soil, and learn how AI can enhance your production capabilities.

AI Ethics

AI provides endless possibilities to ease our work, improve opportunities for minorities, assist people with disabilities, and address some of the major challenges of our time, such as healthcare and climate change. However, it also brings forth numerous ethical dilemmas. Hear from researchers on how we can both creatively and ethically harness the power of AI. Discover how AI is already impacting our behavior and society, and gain insight into the latest research, including Social Choice Functions that can embed ethics into AI models, and Explainable AI, which can ensure transparency when AI is responsible for making decisions.

Smart Energy

Gain insights into the latest research aimed at ensuring the integration of various green energy sources in a fossil-free Denmark. Learn about how AI is used to optimize the relationship between production and consumption in the electricity system. Discover the role that visualization and sensors will play in future smart cities. Get an understanding of the extensive pan-European collaboration on AI Test Facilities (TEF) and delve into energy optimization of algorithms and software, which are the backbone of the digital society.

AI Boosters

Digitalization is gaining momentum with AI at the forefront, thanks to advanced technological advancements. In the booster track, we delve into some of the foundational technologies that make this development possible. This includes Quantum Computing, generative AI, as well as advanced chip and material development.

Digital Health

Digital technologies are currently revolutionizing our healthcare system with significant improvements in both prevention and treatment options. In this track, you can learn about the latest advancements in areas such as AI in medical imaging and gain insight into how researchers and healthcare organizations collaborate on the use of AI to enhance healthcare prevention.