Panel debate | Maritime Security

We will have a focus on security and geopolitics in the maritime sector as well as on integration and business development through new technology with other sectors, such as defence and energy, where energy islands and critical infrastructure must also be protected. 

  1. How do you design warships for in the future? Both physically and digitally?
  2. How can we support and improve security with AI and other new technology in the maritime sector?
  3. How do we increase knowledge, in-sector and cross-sector partnering in the sector?
  4. What type of new maritime technology and services will benefit the sector?

Security has many aspects and it is interesting to highlight and illuminate the role of the maritime area in relation to critical infrastructure and geopolitics as well as to look at how digitization and advanced use of data can contribute to producing common solutions in the area across the maritime sector and other sectors. For example, securing employees, avoiding digital breakdowns and material through preventive measures against e.g. war, piracy, cybersecurity, weather, accidents and physical and unhealthy mental working environment. 

Matt Spaniol | Roskilde Universitet
Date & Time
Thursday, November 9, 2023, 1:15 PM - 1:45 PM
Theater 5
Digital Defense, Maritime

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