How can you use Digital Twin Prototyping for Re-Use of Data for Faster and Easier Robotic Automation in Manufactoring?

Today’s automation by means of robots to a large extent relies on manual processes and case by case programming. Therefore, the establishment of automation solutions usually takes long time and requires high level engineering expertise that needs to be built up during extensive university educations as well as practical experience. This makes the process of deploying solutions slow and expensive. All together this severely limits how companies can adopt robotic solutions cost-efficiently.

In this session we lift the vail of how to enable robot suppliers to develop products that can capture the knowledge embedded in already running automation solutions and make it available for fast engineering of new efficient automation solutions by means of digital twining as an enabling technology.

In this session you will hear talks by

  • Norbert Krüger, SDU:
    “Re-use of robotic data in production through search, simulation and learning – what are our experiences.”
  • Odense Robotics:
    "What are the challenges in the industry and where do we see the potential with the use of Digital Twins."
  • Milad Jami, Novo Nordisk and Aljaz Kramberger, SDU:
    "Real live use of Digital Twin for smart manufacturing. The results of collaboration between industry and academia."
  • Hang Yin, KU and Kenny Erleben, KU
    "Simulation and adaptation approaches – how can we optimize smart manufacturing."
  • Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard, SDU:
    "Call for collaboration – how can you join the projects and gain the benefits?"
Dato & Tid
onsdag, november 8, 2023, 1:30 PM - 2:46 PM
Sal 1
Smart Production

Slides fra seminar
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