Speaker Bio

SPKTRA ApS, a startup based in Northern Jutland, specializes in the development of machine vision solutions for quality control in the food production industry. In today's world, ensuring high-quality standards in food production is of paramount importance as it significantly influences how consumers perceive your products. Denmark is renowned for its solid commitment to quality in food.

However, meeting these quality requirements can be increasingly challenging for several reasons:

  1. In today's fast-paced environment, efficiency is often connected with speed. Unfortunately, prioritizing speed can lead to an increase in errors, and any errors in quality control can have a detrimental impact on the final product, affecting customer perceptions of the food.
  2. Quality control processes in many companies still rely on manual labor by dedicated quality teams. This can be particularly challenging in industries like fish production, where product supply can fluctuate based on weather conditions.
  3. The availability of skilled manual labor for food inspection can be a significant hurdle, potentially limiting the growth of Danish fish producers.

    At SPKTRA, we are committed to addressing these challenges. We have developed a comprehensive solution that not only automates the inspection process but also streamlines result reporting. This innovation allows food producers to efficiently adapt to fluctuating product supplies to a avoid bottleneck while maintaining a rapid and consistent assessment of food quality. SPKTRA has utilized hyperspectral imaging and has successfully developed both the hardware and software components of our vision inspection solution.

    The solution: We offer a solution that simply takes images of the food and process the image on our servers, which then send the result back to the food producer in the matter of seconds.