Speaker Bio

Thirdroom is the brand new platform for research & student based startups! 

We are an ecosystem platform for 
Open and collaborative research and entrepreneurship
Through digital cooperatives 

Research spin-out of RUC from 2021
Founded by Alfred Birkegaard & Katja Gry Carlsen

Imagine a space where ideas flow, startups bloom, and collaboration is just a click away. Welcome to Thirdroom!

Got an idea? Or maybe already have a startup? Whether it's big or small, Thirdroom is the place to make it grow. Here, you can create or expand your dream team right from our users, made easier with our interactive CV feature. If you're new to the scene, you're still in the right place! Take on challenges from other startups or explore grants to give your venture a push.

But Thirdroom isn't just for startups. Dive deep into a vast list of grants from various research centers and foundations. Researchers, this is your chance to pitch, team up, and secure funding. For larger communities or incubators, Thirdroom offers you the space to build your very own digital ecosystem, linking startups and smaller communities, and fostering collaborative exchanges.

The connection between academic minds and entrepreneurship? It’s thriving here. Startups can post challenges, catching the eyes of keen university students. This unique approach brings research to the forefront, making it available for all to see and learn from.

To sum it up, Thirdroom's like Silicon Valley, but digital and with that noise-free Nordic feel. A place for thinkers, doers, researchers, and everyone in between, it's the future of digital business interactions.