Speaker Bio

Keypitt introduces an innovative digital solution that transforms traditional wardrobe tickets, offering efficiency, convenience, and valuable data insights for venues. Their phone-free digital wardrobe system is accessible to all and optimizes venue operations while reducing costs and enhancing guest satisfaction.

Going beyond simple digitization, Keypitt’s solution empowers venues to track essential metrics, including peak guest hours, wardrobe capacity, and revenue. This data-driven approach saves managers time and ensures optimal staffing, ultimately improving labor hour utilization.

The current paper ticket-based wardrobe system is outdated, unsustainable, and brings unnecessary challenges for guests, employees, and venues. Keypitt delivers convenience, cost-efficiency, and valuable data insights, leading to increased venue profitability and greater guest satisfaction.

The company is led by its founders, Karla Pitt Winther (CEO) and Jacob Chua Ziska (CTO), with Karla Pitt Winther presenting on the Startup Stage on November 8th.

Feel free to follow their journey on LinkedIn and reach out to them if this piques your interest.