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Johannes Valentin Berg
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Lightr is a web-app that aims to enable concerts and events in creating new collective experiences through interactive light shows, where the audience’s smartphones doubles as impressive lighting fixtures. Lightr enables you to craft extraordinary experiences that engage your crowd in novel and exciting interactions, whether it's a sports event, concert, or any live occasion. By utilizing the fact that the audience carries powerful smartphones, Lightr can be incorporated wherever there is a crowd. Because Lightr is contained entirely in the browser, any web-connected device can be a part of the experience. This also makes Lightr stand out, as no hardware is required, meaning that users are able to access, program and control Lightr in no time. Lightr is a continuation of the master’s thesis project in IT Product Development (AU) by Johannes and Christian, where we collaborated with nationally acknowledged lighting designer Theis Wermuth, who is now also a key member of the Lightr team as co-owner. By providing new forms of interaction through collective light shows, we aim to expand upon the possibilities for what an event can offer. Our vision is that Lightr becomes a new tool in the toolbox of lighting designers around the world, facilitating interactive experiences in ways that have never been seen before.  

Website: lightr.dk