Morten Fjord Pedersen
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Morten Fjord Pedersen
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ClearSky Vision
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Step into the future of earth observation with ClearSky Vision. Based in Denmark, we are a deep-tech startup trailblazing the way in advanced, AI-driven satellite imagery. Traditional remote sensing services struggle with cloud cover, limiting their utility and timeliness. That's where we rewrite the narrative. Our signature service, "Cloudless Sentinel-2," is the vanguard of our innovation. Leveraging cutting-edge deep learning algorithms, we filter out clouds, shadows, and artifacts from Sentinel-2 optical images. But we don’t stop there. Our multi-spectral cloudless optical imagery is not just clean; it's analysis-ready. That means you get actionable data, consistently and frequently, potentially every day. Why does this matter? Whether you're in agriculture, environmental monitoring, or managing natural disasters, accurate and timely data is indispensable. With our solution, you can conduct robust, large-scale vegetation assessments without the intermittent lapses traditional systems offer. Our agile approach utilizes data from multiple satellites, thereby ensuring unparalleled accuracy and frequency of cloud-free imagery. This allows us to provide you with the most current, precise data online, seamlessly integrating into your existing workflows.