Full Name
Steffen Lehmann
Job title
Research Assistant
Speaker Bio

We aim to assist patients by enabling the remote collection of health-related surveys (PROs) through the integration of a natural language model (chatbot). This model can help patients better comprehend their health, understand the survey questions, and provide guidance on how to answer them. Convocare is an AAU MEDTECH start-up focused on enhancing the patient experience. The Convocare team comprises Steffen Lehmann, holding a degree in human-computer interaction, and Dávid Gulyás, a Biomedical Engineering student. Patients often need to complete healthcare surveys for the hospital to monitor their progress and make informed decisions. However, patients frequently encounter challenges when responding to patient reported outcomes (PROs) due to three primary factors: high task difficulty, limited illness knowledge, and low motivation to complete the task. Patients often employ coping strategies such as rushing through the survey or consistently selecting the middle option, a behavior known as "satisficing," which compromises data quality. Our goal is to introduce a chatbot interface for PRO collection to enhance patient comprehension and survey completion. This approach will provide healthcare professionals with accurate data and reduce patients' reliance on healthcare professionals when completing PROs. We are dedicated to this mission and are actively seeking collaborative partnerships to improve the patient experience.model (chatbot). This model can assist patients in better understanding their health, the questions and how to answer the questions in the survey.


Website:  https://convocare.dk/