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Cliarly wants to assist people having difficulties with reading and writing. This is particularly crucial in a society that increasingly relies on written materials. Difficulties with reading and writing prevent many people from obtaining their desired education or job. Existing software solutions are outdated, and have received negative feedback from all the users we have spoken to. Jakob, the founder of Cliarly, is dyslexic himself and has tried all available software solutions. He certainly agrees with the criticism of existing solutions. As a software engineer, Jakob decided to develop a program that assists people with reading and writing difficulties. This puts them on an equal footing, enabling them to reach their full potential in their academic and career paths. Cliarly is designed to create a seamless and user-friendly experience, ensuring that difficulties with reading and writing are no longer a barrier. Using the latest artificial intelligence technology, the program operates at an advanced level. With Cliarly, dyslexics and others become independent readers and writers. Right now Cliarly is focusing on perfecting the text-to-speech feature with the most human-like voices available in Danish. This is based on the feedback we receive from our test users. We are looking forward to implementing more features in the future, to assist people with reading and writing difficulties. Read more at: