What it takes to become a more successful specialist

The Modern Specialist – Do You Master AI?

It is not AI that takes your job. It is the specialist who can integrate and apply AI that will stand out and take the lead.

In a world where technological innovation is happening faster than ever before, it is no longer enough to be a skilled specialist in your field. You also need to navigate and leverage the tools that the future holds – and AI is at the forefront of that revolution. Whether you work in HR, IT, marketing, finance, business development, or as a project manager, you will experience a shifting landscape where AI will be crucial.

But fear not! This lecture is designed to equip you with knowledge and inspiration.

In this lecture, Claus Nygaard delves into specific use cases where you, as a specialist, can use AI to create knowledge, content, analysis, and automations that enhance your work's efficiency.

Learn how you can streamline your work with AI to improve and amplify your skills.

So, whether you are brand new to AI or feel like you are facing the same challenges repeatedly, this lecture will provide you with fresh insights and inspiration to become the specialist that the future demands.

Please note that this presentation replaces the previously announced presentation by Torsten Laursen, "What it takes to become a more successful specialist."

Dato & Tid
onsdag, november 8, 2023, 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Sal 3
AI Boosters, Karriere

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