Award Ceremony & Networking Reception

We look forward to inviting you to our networking reception and concluding the first day of Digital Tech Summit with a toast in great company. This is the opportunity to network with people from both the academic world and business sector in an informal setting.

From the university's Tech Stage, our DJ will provide mood-enhancing music to sooth the drinks and conversation!

Kl. 16.15: Wine, beer and snacks together with music from or DJ. This takes place between the Keynote stage and the Startup area.

Kl. 16.30: Otto Mønsted's Award Ceremony of The Bright Idea 2023

About the award: For the fifth time, the Otto Moensted Foundation is handing out "The Bright Idea" award totaling 500,000 DKK. With the award, the Foundation wishes to recognize talent and entrepreneurs with promising innovative idea, product, or solution.

And the winner is the best innovative ideas with business potential according to the jury. 

This year's keynote speaker will present 250,000 DKK to the best Early-stage idea and 250,000 DKK to the best Late-stage idea.

After the award ceremony, we celebrate the 2023 winners with a glass of wine.

Kl. 17.15: The networking reception continues in front of the Keynote stage and the Startup area until kl 18.00.

Date & Time
Wednesday, November 8, 2023, 4:15 PM - 6:00 PM

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