Decoding the Future: how AI is redefining cyber attack and defence
Dato & Tid
mandag, november 27, 2023, 9:45 AM - 10:25 AM

In our digital age, AI stands as both protector and potential threat. This talk unveils the dual roles AI plays in modern cybersecurity with real examples, going beyond headlines and hype. Tom Van de Wiele will dive into how criminals exploit AI for aiding in online attacks, manipulation, cyber espionage, deep fakes, and other techniques that challenge traditional defence mechanisms.

Yet AI is also supposed to fortify our cyber defences, with innovations in real-time threat detection and predictive countermeasures - but where are they? Alongside a few technical insights, the ethical dilemmas of AI-driven defence and offense will be addressed.

Drawing from frontline threat research and ethical hacking experiences, "Decoding the Future" illuminates the evolving landscape of cyber warfare, equipping attendees with the knowledge to navigate the challenges of securing an AI driven future society. 

Principal Threat & Technology Researcher Tom Van de Wiele, WithSecure  

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