A ticking bomb: IAM misconfigurations, security tool saturation and IAM over-licensing in Danish businesses
Dato & Tid
torsdag, oktober 12, 2023, 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Over time, a business tends to purchase and install loads of security solutions – without really keeping track of its necessity. Duplicating solutions is like hiring multiple guards for the same gate. It sounds safer, but in reality, it leads to inefficiency, creates potential security risks and undermines security budgets. In the world of digital security, strength does not lie in numbers, but in smart, strategic, and streamlined security strategies. In this presentation, Mihai Forlafu will inspire you to refocus your energies from onboarding more tools to optimizing and leveraging the ones you already have. The purpose is to obtain a truly secure Identity and Access Management environment.

Microsoft Center of Excellence Lead Mihai Forlafu, ICY Security - part of Columbus 

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